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Guy Gilchrist launches new daily panel

Guy Gilchrist, the cartoonist behind Nancy, has launched a new panel for the web called Today’s Dog. The new toon is available for free on his new website, Facebook, RSS and via Twitter. The topic of the ‘toon is funny things dogs do.

I am so, so happy about how much support the cartoon has received ! We have over 1300 friends on Facebook at Today’s Dog in less than one week! We have been asked by quite a few Animal Rescue Groups to be involved in supporting them with our art, and hearts, and we are so happy to get involved! This Cartoon started just last week. Man. I feel so blessed. I’ll tell you about what is going on where asap. Thanks to Sherry at AndersonWebDesign for all her hard work….and my agent, Bruce Butterfield for all of his! And the biggest thanks to you, and our dogs, of course! Heck! This strip writes it’s self. Or…the dogs write it. However that goes….

Community Comments

#1 Randy Glasbergen
@ 12:13 pm

Guy, good luck and congrats on your new creation. Are you self-syndicating this to newspapers? Looking to earn $ from advertising, merchandise, something else? In the “Dinette Set” thread there’s been a lengthy discussion of how to make money without the syndicates or newspapers. I’m sure I’m not the only one who would appreciate your input on this topic, especially with the launch of a new feature. Thanks!

#2 Mike Cope
@ 2:03 pm

Congrats and best of luck with this, Guy! Already a fan and looking forward to many more woofs — err — laughs!!

#3 Guy Gilchrist
@ 2:37 pm

Thanks , Mike! Randy,
To start to answer Randy’s question………Randy, My “other” lives in creating books, music, and licensed product and this syndicated life are all coming together on Today’s Dog.
I am certainly not ruling out syndication, as I have a terrific relationship with United Features, my partner in Nancy, as well as a History with King going way back.
I am intrigued and interested in all our newer forms of getting cartoons out there, Social Networking, as well as books, gifts, toys, print media, etc. I am also loving putting music into it. You haven’t heard it yet, but it will be available this year.
I am building a readership through constant daily blogging of the cartoon, and working through Twitter, Myspace, FaceBook, etc to build a the base. We already have many people getting feeds, Tweets, etc…and I get emails and letters, etc from phones…our panel adapts to the phones.
I am also building into the business plan a Animal Charities Outreach Program. I’ve been working with several Outreaches to begin working in a few different ways.
At the moment, I am engaged in a few different conversations about all of it, and will elaborate as I can…as agreements are made. I must tell you, I really do enjoy doing this cartoon. A few years back, I produced quite a bit of artwork for an elite gift company, and then they wound up changing Ownership, and the stuff didn’t see the light of day……until now. Such a blast doing this! I hope I get to do this a long time.
Thanks for the question, Randy. I am such a fan of your work, as you know.

#4 Jason Nocera
@ 2:56 pm

Good luck with the new feature, Guy! Glad to see you didn’t trade the pen for the guitar and you’ve got yourself dipped into both creative outlets. I’m looking forward to seeing where this goes.

#5 Garey Mckee
@ 4:41 pm

Outstanding. Glad to see such a well thought out launch!

#6 Rich Diesslin
@ 3:17 pm

Looks like a good one Guy. Hope it goes well.

#7 Guy Gilchrist
@ 11:16 am

Thanks so much! I really enjoy this! I have always loved my dogs, everyone’s dogs….and have a lifetime, it feels like, of cartoons stacked up and good to go! I could do this a long, long time if time ….and readership allows.

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