Piers Baker’s Ollie and Quentin turn two

Piers Baker’s Ollie and Quentin have hit the two year mark in syndication.

He writes on his blog:

Ollie and Quentin is two years old this week. Two years since I handed my life over to the Syndication Monster and its Deadline Hounds who snap at my heels every day. At my launch I was about 6 months ahead, now I am about a week behind. This is typical of me as I work best under pressure so only have myself to blame.

I still love writing my feature (my day touring the Guildford coffee shops is my favorite day of the week) and do enjoy producing the artwork. That said I always prefer my pencil roughs to the black and white artwork that gets reproduced in newspapers. I’m happy with the color final though. Ollie and Quentin looks much better on screen which is where I see its future.

2 thoughts on “Piers Baker’s Ollie and Quentin turn two

  1. The comment about pencil roughs vs. black and white ink is interesting. A lot of cartoonists, including Berke Breathed, feel the same way. Others like, say, Bill Watterson have said the opposite – that ink can be an incredible medium in and of itself. Reportedly he only made minimal pencil sketches before inking.

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