Stephen Silver to release “The Master’s Series”

Stephen Silver is releasing a video series entitled “The Master’s Series” this month which features Stephen visiting the homes and studios of famous cartoonists to talk about their careers, film their techniques as they draw, ink and color. The series is sold through for $39.

Have you ever wanted to sit in the studio of a famous artist and watch them draw?

Now you can, for the first time with “The Masters Series” exclusively on Schoolism. Hear their stories, learn their techniques, watch them draw.

The Master’s series was created by Stephen Silver who was welcomed into the artist’s homes and spent two days with each of them, interviewing and filming them draw from start to finish. The series was created with three goals in mind- to appeal to the student, the professional and the fan.

You will learn how they got started, what helped them achieve their goals, stories of how there careers unfolded, the mediums they use and much more. Never before have they been filmed like this in their home studios with complete access to their process of drawing. These videos have been made in order to preserve the Legacy of the legends in our industry.

It is one thing to buy their books, and look at their marvelous art. But now for the first time you can see their hands in action, line by line. This is just the beginning, with many more legends to come. The first series will start in January 2010 with the legendary Mort Drucker. Followed up by Stan Goldberg (Archie) and John Reiner (the Lockhorns, Howard Huge).

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  1. This looks cool. Wonder who he has lined up for later. Also, I am wondering from what areas of comics. Comic Books, Syndicate Strips, Webcomics. Otherwise this looks like a good series. Gana subscribe to this.

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