Penny Arcade charity fund drive raises $1 million

This year’s “Penny Arcade Child’s Play” charity fundraiser has raised over $1 million dollars. The annual fundraiser began in 2003 as a way of raising money to improve the lifestyle of children around the world.

From an article in Softpedia, Mike Krahulik, co-creator of Penny Arcade, was quoted as saying:

“This is Child’s Play’s seventh year, and this is the fastest we have ever gotten to the million dollar mark. Considering everything that’s going on [with the economy], that’s just astounding.”

4 thoughts on “Penny Arcade charity fund drive raises $1 million

  1. That is so awesome.

    Just to emphasize, this ISN’T $1 million since 2003. This is just THIS year! In 2007 they raised $1.3 million and in 2008 they raised $1.4 million.

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