Penny Arcade launches own reality TV show

Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik, creators of Penny Arcade, have launched a reality TV show based on the people and events surrounding the successful webcomic. The show, which is professionally filmed and produced, will be posted twice a month on their website. Several episodes have already been posted.

From their blog:

I have exciting news to share! A while back we talked about a reality show based on life here at Penny Arcade. It was just something we kicked around during a podcast but the idea stuck with us. We kept getting mail from people saying that this was actually something they’d be interested in. Eventually we decided to partner with 2 Player Productions and actually do it. So now we have camera guys here in the office filming us make strips, play game and eat lunch. They also followed us around during PAX and they will be at the CP charity dinner. I’m super proud to announce that the pilot episode is now available. You can watch the two part pilot episode right here on the newly designed PATV page.

7 thoughts on “Penny Arcade launches own reality TV show

  1. It’s really good but I hope it shifts more to the style of the old podcasts they did. Two of the best resources Gabe and Tycho ever provided via the site were the podcasts that detail how they brainstorm the cartoon, and the video clips of Gabe showing how he inks/colors the strip.

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