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IDW to release The Family Circus Library

This November, IDW will release “The Family Circus Library, Volume 1” – the first two years of Bil Keane’s classic comic panel that was published almost 50 years ago. This hardbound first volume will include the first two years in chronological order, including Sunday’s and dailies, as well as a essay by Bil’s son, Christopher, along with early pre-Family Circus art and family photos.

From the press release, Bil states,

“Having truly enjoyed drawing my Family Circus cartoons, it is icing on the cake to see them now preserved in these very special volumes that will go on and on and on! Realizing that future generations may read the Keane family drawings that I penned so long ago is a happy bonus for this old cartoonist. I am eternally grateful.”

Community Comments

#1 Jason Smith
@ 12:09 pm

Despite the fact that it is apparently not cool to like Family Circus, I’ve always loved it. The pre-80’s daily panels especially seemed to be amazingly detailed. I was always in awe that Mr. Keane could make a small circle seem so expansive. As an artist, I think that was his biggest talent.

I’m glad these are coming out. Combined with the Bloom County reprints, I’ll have plenty of stuff to read this winter.

#2 Phil Tograph
@ 5:18 pm

This is so wwaaaaaaayyyyyyy cooooooollllllll. I have collecting hardcover reprint books of the early years of the cartoon masters and Keane will add nicely to my collections. Thanks Bil. I am looking forward to it.
Indeed, Christmas has come early.

#3 Stacy Curtis
@ 7:15 pm

Textbooks for cartoonists yet to come.

#4 Garey Mckee
@ 9:48 pm

These days there are only a handful of comic strips and panels that children can enjoy along with their parents. That’s why Family Circus is so great. It reminds me of my childhood and family growing up.

And Jason, I think it’s cool to like Family Circus.

#5 Henry Clausner
@ 6:51 am

Family Circus was a good strip, I liked it as a kid. For teh same reasons Garey mentioned !

#6 Eddie Pittman
@ 2:25 pm

I’m very excited about this collection! And it’s nice to see positive comments rather than the rancorous remarks that I sometimes read regarding this comic. Family Circus is a classic!

#7 Stephen Beals
@ 12:53 pm

(checks wallet) … there seems to be a lot of good collections coming out! Keep ’em coming!

#8 Mark McComas
@ 4:23 pm

I liked it as a kid because I saw the Keane kids doing things I did. I liked it as an adult because I saw my kids do those things. Now I expect to see things my grandkids are doing in the strip (once I have some). I also liked that they were openly religious in the strip, and never apologized for it or needed to.

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