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Yale alumni group urge print of Muhammad cartoons

A group of prominent conservative Yale alumni, led by former United Nations John Bolton, is circulating a letter to the editor urging other Yale graduates “to sign the letter and to call on the University to publish ‘The Cartoons that Shook the World’ with the cartoons that shook the world intact,” according to the Yale Daily News. Bolton claims the book printing without the cartoons is “an example of intellectual cowardice.”

Regardless of the groups success in drumming up support for the full printing of the cartoons, the author notes that the book is already being printed and due out in a few weeks.

Community Comments

#1 Ted Rall
@ 4:28 pm

This kind of thing drives me crazy, ethically speaking.

Like everyone who worked for the Bush Administration, Bolton is a right-wing psychopath who belongs in prison for the rest of his life.

He is using Yale’s cowardice as a way to beat up Muslims.

And yet, YUP really should have run the cartoons.

What’s a principled leftie to do?

#2 signe wilkinson
@ 4:52 pm

What’s a principled person to do?… protest Yale’s cowardice. The cartoons didn’t riot and kill anyone.

#3 Henry Clausner
@ 6:55 am

so let’s see…overall,Yale is Republican,conservative and Harvard is Democrat,Liberal…so where are the independents getting their degrees?

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