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Comic page line-up changes

Two changes in the comic page line-ups that I’ve come across recently:

» The Honolulu Star Bulletin announces that it is replacing Maintaining (which is leaving syndication) with Secret Asian Man, which is leaving syndication. Tak Toyoshima, Secret Asian Man’s creator is self-syndicating his work on a weekly (Sunday) schedule.

» The Detroit Free Press is cutting Spiderman, F-Minus, Dinette Set, Mutts, Rose Is Rose, The Family Tree from their daily line-up. They are bringing back Judge Parker daily and dropping Argyle Sweater on Sundays to run the Sunday Judge Parker.

Community Comments

#1 Eric Pacheco
@ 1:14 pm

Well that should please Detroit’s over 80 crowd and alienate the younger generation… of course when their readers die off in next few years, the paper will go with it. Nice move DFP!

#2 Dave Robbinson
@ 8:27 pm

I applaud the return of Judge Parker. According to Editor Julie Topping, she says it didn’t score that high, but it was the one serial strip that they wanted to keep, since after canceling Spiderman, there would not be any in the Freep.

As a side note, I do believe the Free Press wrung some cost savings out of this, from both the cuts and the comics they kept (by telling the syndicates to give them breaks). This is a fact.

#3 Henry Clausner
@ 7:47 am

sometimes change is good…

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