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Corey Pandolph pulls plug on Barkeater Lake

Corey Pandolph has announced that he will be ending his comic, Barkeater Lake on October 31st. Corey cites the drain of producing three other strips (Toby, Robot Satan, Greene with Envy and Elderberries) and a waning interest in the story.

He writes:

Itâ??s time to end BARKEATER LAKE. I feel very strongly that the strip has run itâ??s course and that my heart is just not in it any longer. Truth be told, I probably held on a couple years too long. So, as of October 31st, BL, in strip form will end. I thought Halloween was the perfect day to end the crazy, plus itâ??s the week that I will be moving to NYC, permanently. BARKEATER LAKE began in Maine and it should end in Maine, me thinks.

He also mentions that he will produce two more book collections of the strip and that it might rerun on

Community Comments

#1 Carl Pietrantonio
@ 11:25 am

Maybe if it is run in re-runs it will show in a timely manner and be more interesting to us, the READERS.

#2 Rich Diesslin
@ 6:30 pm

Corey, I hope that goes well. I’m amazed that you keep as many things going as you do.

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