Harvey Pekar creates webcomic project

Legendary storyteller Harvey Pekar has teamed up with Smith Magazine and four artists to create a webcomic “The Pekar Project.” From the project website:

Harvey Pekar’s been mining the mundane for magic for more than 30 years in his autobiographical American Splendor comics. Now he has teamed with SMITH and four remarkable artists to create his first ongoing webcomics series-and some of his jazziest work to date. The new stories will appear every other week, with interviews, creator spotlights, and behind-the-scenes goodies, as well as essays and art from Pekar collaborators and inhabitants of the extended Pekarverse.

With The Pekar Project, SMITH has encouraged Harvey to go out there, to go in there, to be abstract, jazzy, esoteric, silly, erudite, and most off all, to have fun. Call it autobiography as poetry, or as art-or call it anything you like. We call ourselves honored to be working with a legend of personal storytelling.