Tank McNamara sacked at Washington Post

Michael Cavna reports that the Washington Post pulled the original Tank McNamara and is running a replacement because the strip insinuates Dick Cheney advising the NFL commissioner to kill Michael Vicks. See original strip on GoComics.com

Post Managing Editor Raju Narisetti says the decision was a no-brainer: The original strips were deemed “inappropriate.” The Post sacked the week’s strips, in which NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell seeks advice on how to handle the reinstatement of former quarterback/convict Vick, who ran a pit-bull ring that resulted in canine deaths; the storyline attempts to satirize issues such as perceptions of racism by the NFL front office and owners.

6 thoughts on “Tank McNamara sacked at Washington Post

  1. sipping my coffee::::I’m guessing the strip is now banned for good? has the cartoonist been put in jail also? protests in front of the house?..guess we’ll need a Czar to monitor the strips also.

  2. My guess is that the Post pulled it for the Dick Cheney satire and not the Vick storyline. They’ve pulled comics for political reasons in the past.

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