Paul Conrad: Drawing Fire full episode online

PBS’ Independent Lens produced a hour tribute to the three-time Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist Paul Conrad and his half-century career at the L.A. Times. The full episode is now online over at YouTube.

6 thoughts on “Paul Conrad: Drawing Fire full episode online

  1. WOW!! What an outstanding bio of a legendary talent – Conrad’s own words and the words of those who worked along side him clearly indict modern corporate-owned newspapers which have devolved to cowering, beaten versions of their former selves, afraid to bite ANY hand that might possibly feed them…
    The proof is this, among many: only THREE PERCENT of daily papers have an editorial cartoonist on staff, a number falling faster every year.

  2. I remember a panel drawn by paul in 1999…titled “Congressional Bipartisanship”. the panel depicted an elephant holding the donkey in an interesting position. This one stuck in my head,if you google his name it’ll come up in images.!

  3. That’s awesome, thanks for the link I look forward to watching it. It’s amazing what he was able to get away with. Must have been a great feeling to be able to put teeth in your cartoons. The only place you can do that now is online. What a shame.

  4. “Where, oh where have the teeth all gone,
    Oh where oh where can they beeeee?
    They got bought out when the market dropped,
    Now the papers are online for freeee!”

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