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Paul Jon’s Fort Knox samples now online

Last June I told you that Washington Post Writers Group would be launching a new feature entitled Fort Knox on October 5. The new feature is by Paul Jon, a military brat whose taken his childhood experiences of constant moving and resettling and turned it into a strip featuring a military family (Major Joe Knox; Jane Knox; and their two boys, Donald and Wesley). They have now posted samples of the strip online.

Community Comments

#1 henry Clausner
@ 6:45 am

Strip is clean, I hope it does well! They have my vote. Amy Lago is very “pickyoon” with her decisions there at the Washington Post….

#2 Wiley Miller
@ 7:26 am

“Amy Lago is very â??pickyoonâ? with her decisions there at the Washington Postâ?¦.”

I’m not sure what you mean by that.

#3 Jeff Pert
@ 8:12 am

Having had asthma as a kid, I think it’s great one of the boys has it and it’s occasionally used for gags.

I like the drawing style—vaguely “Simpsons”-ish, but w/ pointy noses. It doesn’t look like anything else on the comics page, and that’s refreshing. Here’s hoping it does well!

#4 Mike Cope
@ 8:39 am

“I like the drawing styleâ??vaguely â??Simpsonsâ?-ish, but w/ pointy noses.”

Speaking of pointy noses, should we have concerns over the Knox family’s gene pool? It seems that Mom and Dad share this one unique attribute compared to all the other “well-rounded” characters :)

#5 Paul Jon
@ 9:42 am

Uh-0h… In real life, my parents DO have the same nose, Mike. Perhap I need to review the family tree once again…

Thanks for the kind comments, y’all!

#6 Bruce Higdon
@ 6:44 am

Paul, that is a wonderful idea. Being a retired army guy, who spent a great deal of time at FT Knox, with my own set of army brats, I can identify with it. Hope the strip is a success. Julie Negron has done a wonderful job with a strip about army spouses for Army Times.

#7 Karen Lucking
@ 5:14 pm

paul jon
is jenny in any of your cartoons?
still a fan
you are so clever and insightful with your cartoons.
keep on trucking

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