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Stan Lee’s Stripperella debuts on iPhone

Universal Uclick and Stan Lee have partnered to debut his Stripperella in a direct-to-iPhone release. The mobile comic book is a four series comic written by Stan with art by Anthony Winn.

Striperella is about Exotica Jones, a motorcycle-riding exotic dancer who fights crime as Stripperella.

From the press release:

“Some people think Stripperella is merely a far-out fantasy featuring a torrid, whistle-bait pin-up,” said Lee. “But thoughtful readers look beneath Stripperella’s frivolous facade and recognize a scholarly, psychological analysis of today’s complex male/female relationships with cogent commentary within the sophisticated subtext. Congratulations to Universal Uclick and POW! for Stripperella, the perfect cerebral companion for the thinking man.”

“Stripperella is an eye-catching super heroine, and comic fans will appreciate that Stan Lee, master comics craftsman that he is, has injected this series with a madcap spirit that makes it a thoroughly entertaining read,” said Universal Uclick President and Editor Lee Salem. “This mature-audiences series – available exclusively in the App Store – is uncommonly, unabashedly, undeniably fun. It’s exactly the kind of all-out entertainment fans have come to expect from the most well-known innovator in comics.”.

The sultry (mature audience) app is now available in the iTunes App Store

Community Comments

#1 Phil Tography
@ 5:37 pm

I think Stan Lee has lost it. After decades of producing hours of enjoyable reading material, memorible characters, to go this way is just sad.

#2 John Lotshaw
@ 7:37 pm

He’s still pushing this?! Jinkies… I remember when this thing choked as part of Spike TV’s relaunch over five years ago alongside “Gary the Rat” and “Ren and Stimpy’s Adult Party Cartoon”…

#3 Trevor Kent
@ 1:55 am

I read the headline this way:

“Stan Lee’s” (Oh yeah!)
“Stripperella” (Oh no…)
“debuts on” (Please no…)
“iPhone.” (HUH?!)

Is putting it on the iPhone going to get it any more sales? I mean, I guess people who were hesitant to buy it while out in public might download it from the privacy of an iPhone, but still…

On a different note, he should make a special version where every time you turn a page, he says “Excelsior!”

#4 Rich Diesslin
@ 6:31 pm

Yeah, like the name is going to attract a lot of thinking men. This promotion for it is entertaining though – imagining a grown man saying that … with a straight face. Wow! I’m guessing Tony Alamo [cryptic pervert reference] will subscribe though … ;)

#5 henry clausner
@ 6:21 pm

Lost it he did, indeed..

#6 Tom Wood
@ 8:29 pm

Speaking of cool motorcycles though…

Now if only the story is good.

#7 Dave Stephens
@ 1:09 pm

Stripperella? Did Cinderella get a hot flash?

#8 henry clausner
@ 1:42 pm


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