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News Briefs for July 20, 2009

Comic History

» Over at the AV Club blog, Seth responded to a list of well known comic book, strip, magazine and children’s book artists with his opinions of and personal associations.

Comic strips

» Aaron Johnson’s What the Duck (or WT Duck) hit 3 years old yesterday.

» Tom Gammill, pays tribute to Walter Cronkite with his latest “LEARN TO DRAW” series. (See video at the bottom of this post.)

» Yesterday’s Ginger Meggs featured cameos by a dozen or so comic strip characters as the story-line delves into Ginger visiting America.

» Kalamazoo Gazette is running a poll to see whether they should drop Cathy and if they should pick up Baby Blues, Cul de Sac, or Pearls Before Swine.


» Tom Racine interviews Butch Hartman. Butch is the Nickelodeon show creator, writer and artist of The Fairly Odd Parents.


» The ToonSeum in Pittsburgh will open a new exhibit called “Tom Richmond: The MAD Art of Caricature” featuring original caricatures and parodies from Tom Richmond’s MAD Magazine work. Exhibit runs from Aug. 1 through Oct. 4.


» Former Rocky Mountain News sports cartoonist Drew Litton is considering creating a webcomic. He’s posted an illustration over on He describes it as “the Man from U.N.C.L.E. meets the Big Easy meets Lethal Weapon” set in the swamplands of Louisiana.

» Gill and Retail creator Norm Feuti has placed his Gill feature on “indefinite hiatus.” He hopes to bring it back in September, but “canâ??t make any promises.”

Community Comments

#1 Ted Rall
@ 3:31 pm

It’s hard to imagine living, as Seth does, in a brain that doesn’t relate to “Calvin & Hobbes” or doesn’t care about politics (especially during times like these).

But Tom Gammill is hilarious!

In a just world, no one would ever have heard of Seth and Gammill would have groupies.

#2 Mark Tatulli
@ 4:02 pm

I never heard of Seth but I love Tom Gammill

#3 Tom Gammill
@ 4:37 pm

Wow, wearing a coat and tie really makes me look old.

#4 Lucas Turnbloom
@ 4:57 pm

Tom’s lessons are the best!

Congrats Aaron!

#5 Jim Lavery
@ 5:08 pm

HAHAHHA—Tom, you ROCK!!! THAT vid says it all about “Dead Celeb ToonZ”! I nearly died myself when you said “All syndicated cartoonists will tell you we’re really all journalists” and the camera pans and…well, I shouldn’t give it away—HILARIOUS! This was one of your best!

#6 Craig Kenworthy
@ 6:59 pm

Hey, Seth- try reading some actual Bloom County- it isn’t all politcial, maybe you’ll get it.
And not liking Neil Adams- that’s just wrong.

#7 henry clausner
@ 8:47 pm

:::::::::scratching my head “who is this?…(just kidding.)

#8 Shane Davis
@ 10:07 pm

Seth who? Huh? What?
Bloom County wasn’t carried in any papers around you?
Watterson didn’t connect with you? Nothing’s been great since 1950? Dilbert falls short of great? Kliban was good becaue he had ‘unerground’ sensiblities’?

Oh, I get it!! HA HA HA HA!!
You almost had me!
What a wonderful parody of an elitist, snobby cartoon geek!! What a hilarious spoof on the “I’m so intellectual I’m the only one who realizes NOTHING is any good!” snotball type that spews idiotic rhetoric claiming the more popular something is, the worse it is, and the more obscure it is the more pure it is!!

Yes sir! You captured that insufferable moron wonderfully with that little ‘skit’ of an interview! Brilliant parody, sir!

Oh…what? It wasn’t?


#9 Nelson Dewey
@ 12:23 am

At least, after reading about Seth (yawn), I got to discover Tom Gammill (!!!).

#10 Paul Jon
@ 12:29 am

Well put, Shane.I was scratching my head at Seth’s odd observations too.Perhaps he should get a brain scan as a precaution.

#11 Jason Smith
@ 5:24 am

So Bloom County wasn’t carried in any newspapers near Seth, so he’s never read more than a few, but Little Orphan Annie and old Gasoline Alley, which were not in ANY papers by the time he was growing up get paragraphs of writeup? Whatever…

Actually it’s obvious that he’s never read any Bloom County if he assumes it’s a “political” strip.

And there’s something wrong with a person’s brain if they can’t see the beauty of Calvin & Hobbes. Seth doesn’t seem like the type that get’s out of the city much. Completely unfamiliar with natural beauty.

#12 Daryll Collins
@ 5:29 am

That Tom Gammill is hilarious!

The timing is perfect.

#13 Brian Powers
@ 7:20 am

That interview with Seth was all over the place. Also, I think everyone deserves to have a last name. I don’t think he could post here without one.

Tom Gammill is the bomb!

#14 Terry LaBan
@ 8:00 am

Actually itâ??s obvious that heâ??s never read any Bloom County if he assumes itâ??s a â??politicalâ? strip.

Huh? Of COURSE Bloom County was a political strip! Breathed even won the Pulitzer in(I think)1988, much to the annoyance of people who were actually employed as political cartoonists. It was also, I think, the best strip of it’s time. And how anyone can list the greatest strips of all time and not include Segar’s “Popeye” is completely beyond me.

#15 Wiley Miller
@ 8:06 am

What this shows, once again, is that, like every other art form, what is considered the “best” in comics is purely subjective. Regardless of how much of a student or scholar one is about the history of comics, is still ultimately comes down to one’s personal taste in humor, writing and art.

In other words, there is no such thing as “the best”, or the worst, just what one prefers and what one doesn’t.

#16 Wiley Miller
@ 9:03 am

I also found it rather curious that in this long interview regarding great historical comics and their creators there was no mention of Winsor McCay. How do you overlook such a giant?

#17 Scott Metzger
@ 9:46 am

Seth who? What happened to the last name?

The Learn to Draw videos are so great. The Walter Cronkite one is hilarious.

#18 Jesse Cline
@ 10:06 am

â??Iâ??m so intellectual Iâ??m the only one who realizes NOTHING is any good!â?

that’s hysterical. its the ultimate hipster pastime.

#19 Jim Lavery
@ 12:31 pm

Scott Metzger: “Seth who?”

That would be Seth, man.

#20 Henry Clausner
@ 4:39 pm

i know…….i know

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