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Reports from the AAEC conference in Seattle

Editorial cartoonists from around the country (and Canada) are in Seattle of the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists annual conference this weekend. Due to a family vacation this weekend, my reporting will be pretty sparse.

You can catch up on some of the twitter chatter by searching on AAEC. Editorial cartoonists that are in Seattle who tweet (some with more regularity than others) include:

I’ll update the list as I get word on twittering attendees.

Daryl has already posted a video interview that he conducted with Jeff Parker of Florida Today, Mike Peters of Mother Goose & Grimm and the Dayton Daily News, Monte Wolverton of Mad Magazine fame and Cam Cardow of the Ottawa Citizen.

Community Comments

#1 John Read
@ 6:57 pm

Has anyone told Ted and company to keep an eye out for that notorious gatecrasher Keith Knight?

#2 JP Trostle
@ 9:30 pm

Actually, I think he was the only one that paid this time around.

#3 J Read
@ 7:41 am

Where are all the reports of Paul Fell misbehaving? Was there a media blackout at the national editorial cartoonists convention?!

#4 Wiley Miller
@ 9:09 am

Not much to report from a wake. Oh, sure, Paul ran around wearing his underwear on his head, but when HASN’T he done that?

#5 Ted Rall
@ 1:15 pm

We all swore a secret oath to never reveal the stuff we swore not to talk about. Which never happened.

#6 J Read
@ 3:37 pm

Aw, c’mon, where are all the cartoons about cartoonists acting up?

#7 Wiley Miller
@ 5:49 pm

Of course, it makes it a lot easier to keep all that stuff secret when you can’t remember it with your beer soaked brain.

#8 John Read
@ 9:51 pm

I wonder why cartoonists drink so much whenever they get together? Maybe that should be one of my standard interview questions from now on. Is it to late to pose that to you, Ted? I’ve still got your interview to transcribe…

#9 Tony Piro
@ 12:35 am

What makes you think cartoonists don’t drink when they’re apart?

#10 Jeff Mahon
@ 7:29 pm

Geez, does Mike Peters age? Seriously, he looks like he’s late 40’s tops….

#11 John Lotshaw
@ 9:14 am

There’s this painting he keeps locked away. Everything on the painting is deteriorating, leaving behind nothing but a goofy grin…

#12 Mike Lester
@ 11:11 am

O.K. I confess: Not only have I never heard of the “wagon wheel spoke” thing that Peter’s yammers about, I’ve never even understood a color wheel. I can, however drive a stick.

#13 Aaron Taylor
@ 11:59 am

Isn’t the wagon wheel spoke thing explained in the movie “Paint Your Wagon”?

#14 Mike Peterson
@ 2:42 pm

Well, then, why don’t you take that stick and drive it right up … ;-)

#15 Mike Peterson
@ 2:43 pm

… right up Mike’s driveway and ask him to show you what he means. I’m sure he’d be pleased to!

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