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Pajama Diaries begin flashback series

Starting next Monday, The Pajama Diaries will start a five-week flashback story-line that tells the story of Jill’s first pregnancy and the Kaplans’ journey towards impending parenthood.

Regarding the story-line, Terri Libenson, creator of The Pajama Diaries says, “with my own children growing quickly before my eyes, I have wanted to do a flashback series like this for a while. While drawing the Mother’s Day-themed strip I recently did that showed Jill in the delivery room as a flashback, I realized the time to do it had arrived. The strip’s diary-style format lends itself perfectly to creating a flashback series about the birth of Jill’s first daughter, Amy.”

Community Comments

#1 Alex Hallatt
@ 5:07 pm

Does this mean repeats? Is Terri taking time off?

#2 Terri Libenson
@ 6:06 pm

Hi Alex! Nope, no repeats, just a peek backwards into the gestation of Amy, the older daughter. I had some fun inventing the storyline and it took a life of its own.

#3 Alex Hallatt
@ 6:42 pm

Good to hear it – thought you might be doing a FBOFW….

#4 Margaret Shulock
@ 5:52 am

Looking forward to this, Terri; I really enjoy your work! I’ve tried to comment on your site a couple of times but my comments never stuck so this is my chance to finally say Hi.

#5 bob
@ 6:10 am

I love your strip. When will you publish a book? Keep up the great work.

#6 bob johnson
@ 6:12 am

Hi Terri.
I love your strip. When will you be publishing a book? Any chance the PD (Cleveland) will pick up the Sunday? My wife and I would enjoy seeing these as well as the dailies.

Keep up the great work.

#7 Terri Libenson
@ 10:16 am

Thanks, guys! Margaret, so sorry about the site — we’ve had some issues with it. I’ll see what’s going on.
Bob, the book is being looked into :) And I do hope the PD picks up the Sunday someday.

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