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Jeremy Mullins passes at age 32

Tom Spurgeon is reporting that 32 year-old Jeremy Mullins has passed away from multiple injuries sustained while climbing in the Catskill mountains. Jeremy was a Savannah College of Art and Design, creator of the Sweetwater Is An Asshole webcomic.

Community Comments

#1 Bearman Cartoons
@ 7:11 am

My thoughts go out to his family.

#2 Jacquie Roland
@ 11:30 am

I read of Mr. Mullins accident in my hometown paper, The Daily Freeman. I’m so sorry for his friends, and family.

The Freeman didn’t mention that Mr. Mullins was a cartoonist, or professor. Most likely, they didn’t know. (Had I known, it would have made me doubly sad.) What they did report was that a tourist, hiking with his girlfriend in the Catskills, fell at least 60 feet to his death. The accident was blamed on the fact that Mr. Mullins was hiking, near the Kaaterskill Falls, but was wearing dress shoes at the time.
I’ve been to that area in the past, and because of the steep climb, and extremely moss covered rocks and very slippery paths, dress shoes would have been a very dicey choice of footwear… and this has been a very wet spring.
As an artist, and professor, I’m sure that Mr. Mullins made many decisions on a daily basis, just as we all do… but this one decision, made at a time when he was more than likely ‘miles away’ from all cares, cost him his life… and us his talent.
So sorry, fellow inker.

#3 Mike Sieber
@ 11:22 am

So young, so sad.

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