Reuben Award night stringer wanted

Since I won’t be able to attend this year’s Reuben Award weekend due to a wedding in AZ, I’m looking for a “stringer” who would be willing to text the results to me. I can have canned announcements of the winners ready to go, but need someone on the inside who can tell me which ones to publish. If you’re going and willing, please let me know and I can give you contact details.


33 thoughts on “Reuben Award night stringer wanted

  1. Apologies for the typo in the last post…”Tatulli” should read “Pastis”

  2. Stephan, Mark..

    I’m not an NCS member but would like to attend something NCS related seein’ as I live in L.A. Do I have to be a member to attend?

  3. Alan: Forget Pastis and Tatulli – I’ll be happy to do that for you. And, if I can, I’ll take compromising photos of those two for publishing on your site.

  4. Compromising photos of me are no challenge at all. Pick Tatulli.

    I will, however, offer one caveat: If you hand him a camera, you’re gonna get a lot of photos of people’s mid-sections. The man is no giant.

  5. But…the Mark Tatulli Fan Club Site says Mr. Tatulli is a GIANT AMONG CARTOONISTS. If it’s on the internet, it has to be true, right?

  6. If you give a camera to Stephan Pastis, you’ll get lots of pictures of Stephan Pastis. He’s obsessed with his “massive biceps” in a very unhealthy way. And when he makes that kissy-MySpace-face, well, it’s more than a bit disturbing on a man in his forties, especially with that misshapen goatee thing he’s got going.

  7. Thanks all. I have a stringer – two actually – which is even better in case of technical difficulties. Check back here on Saturday night for the results as they happen!

  8. Mark, as a giant among cartoonists – possibly THE giant among cartoonists – you really shouldn’t belittle yourself by spreading disparaging remarks about your colleagues. Such common behavior forces someone in my position (President of the Mark Tatulli Appreciation Society, Southeastern Chapter) on the defensive.

  9. I, too, have a flexible snake that I sometimes slip under bathroom stall dividers. But it doesn’t take pictures.

  10. Actually, John, that’s how he describes himself, hence the quotes. But this is the first time I’ve heard him describe his “flexible snake” that wanders with apparent abandon in public restrooms. No wonder he’s always go on and on about the bathrooms at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.

  11. When it comes to artists’ supplies, I know about the flexible French curve; but this is the first time I’ve heard of a cartoonist’s flexible snake.

  12. Mark and Stephan,

    Please get all these lame jokes out of your system now.

    I won’t allow it in my house.

    I am completely serious about this.


  13. Read, if you think I’m getting into the middle of this smarmfest, you are even dumber than you look. I, on the other hand am a lot smarter than I look.

  14. I just know if there’s any professional cartoonist on the planet who knows what a flexible snake is used for, it’s you, Mr. Fell. Please share your knowledge.

  15. And, by the way, I hope you’re happy knowing this year’s Reuben gathering won’t be the same without my favorite Cornhusker in attendance.

  16. I mean, what the hell? I went to Ohio for the Festival of Cartoon Art…and you were there. I went to New Orleans for last year’s Reuben hoedown…and you were there. I went to Missouri (for crying out loud, Fell – Missouri!) for Toonfest…and you were there. I hope to go to Seattle in July for the AAEC convention…and I already know you’ll be there! Who’s going to introduce me to all the famous cartoonists in La La Land if Paul Fell pulls a no-show?!

  17. To answer Mr. Read’s query, a flexible snake is the tool the plumber uses to clean out a clogged drain or to clear out your toilet after you tried to flush a case of empty beer cans.

    I am told it is also good for constipation, but when one usually gets the plumber’s bill, the constipation mysteriously clears right up.

  18. Wish the NCS would make me their mascot (like Snapper Carr in the 1960’s JLA comics) so I could attend this weekend’s festivities.

  19. Larry, I’m curious (because I’ve seen your stuff), why haven’t you joined the NCS? Forget being Snapper Carr; you already are, at the very least, Hawkman or Red Tornado!

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