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Comments have been released

To those who have been commenting this week and not seeing your comments posted, I’ve approved them. Apparently as I was prepping the site to allow contributors last weekend, I accidentally set the option that required all comments to be approved if the the commentor hasn’t been flagged as approved previously. Some 25+ comments were being held for moderation.

So, I’ve opened up the comments again. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Community Comments

#1 Tom Wood
@ 7:42 pm

No comment. :-/

#2 D.D.Degg
@ 8:26 pm

Something else that is missing is the links to the various cartoonists that ran down the right side of your homepage. Never bothered to bookmark those because I could just go to your site and get to them by way of you.
Please bring them back.

#3 Dan Collins
@ 9:28 am

It figures. I just get on the list and then it dies.

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