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How many people can you squeeze into a car? OR Schulz muses on creative inspiration

Someone has posted a 1963 video documentary of Charles Schulz talking about the creative process and where inspiration comes from. It runs a bit over 4 minutes.

Aside from the cartooning nuggets of info in the video, I have to smile that Sparky had about 11 people in the car (counting himself and supposing a cameraman was in the car as well) and none of them were buckled up. It’s a great time capsule of what life was like back in the 60’s.

HT: Mike Lynch

Community Comments

#1 John Lotshaw
@ 1:32 pm

This clip is from “A Boy Named Charlie Brown”, which was the documentary about Schulz produced by Lee Mendelson that lead to “A Charlie Brown Chirstmas”… and history…

The Schulz Museum has made the documentary available on DVD.

#2 Garey Mckee
@ 5:29 pm

I really like Schulz’ analogy, likening having to produce the strip every day to always having to write a term paper.

And Alan’s right, that’s alot of people in that car!

#3 Howard Tayler
@ 9:27 pm

I loved Schulz’ comment about waiting for inspiration. I’ve heard it paraphrased, but hearing it straight from him was great.

#4 John Auchter
@ 9:48 am

Good Lord! Where are the car seats? Where are the safety belts?!… Ah, fond memories of total freedom in the way-back of a faux wood paneled Ford Country Squire…

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