United Media launches Rip Haywire by Dan Thompson

Rip Wire Teaser by Dan Thompson

United Media is launching a new contemporary action adventure comic strip on January 5, 2009 by Dan Thompson. The new feature is entitled Rip Haywire who is a soldier of fortune cast as a comic version of Indiana Jones, James Bond and Jason Bourne. Along for the ride in his adventures are his cowardly dog, TNT, and his ex-girlfriend Cobra.

“Featuring stunning artwork and blending melodrama with deadpan humor, ‘Rip Haywire’ is not only a loving update of thrilling golden-age comics like Milton Caniff’s ‘Terry and the Pirates,’ but also a witty satire of the action genre in general,” says Ted Rall, United Media’s acquisitions editor. “Dan Thompson’s masterpiece sends up all manner of macho icons, from action movie heroes like Schwarzenegger to TV shows like ’24.’ I was instantly hooked.”

Dan Thompson is a freelance artist based in North Carolina. He conceived Rip Haywire as a contemporary comic strip combination of Indiana Jones, Mission Impossible and The Bourne Identity. Thompson has always loved adventure-themed stories, having grown up watching Hanna-Barbera’s The Adventures of Jonny Quest and GI Joe episodes.

21 thoughts on “United Media launches Rip Haywire by Dan Thompson

  1. Finally Dan the cheap imitations will face your talent… maybe the poor sheep will get a break someday too!

  2. I got a question for all ya’ who have either successfully or unsuccessfully submitted a comic to the syndicates. How long did it take until you received a response (either positive or negative)?

    The question really applies to those who have submitted their material electronically, but I’d love to hear from everybody.


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