News Briefs for December 9, 2008

» A list of upcoming professional journalism awards deadlines for editorial cartoonists has been compiled and posted on the AAEC’s web site for those vying for a major award.
» Michael Cavna has interviewed Mutts creator Patrick McDonnell about this week’s Obama puppy vetting story-line.
» One of the Tunisians that allegedly plotted to kill Kurt Westergaard for his cartoon of Mohammed has been released from prison due to lack of evidence. Another Tunisian associated with the plot voluntarily left the Denmark.
» Ted Dawson has posted a side by side comparison of two newspaper’s comics selections. One is a recent page and the other is of undeterminable date, but by the looks of the selection, it’s old. Interesting changes in the style and genre between the two eras. Check it out.
» The 45th Infantry Division Museum in Oklahoma City includes Bill Mauldin cartoons
» Tim Newcomb, a Vermont political cartoonist has published a book that spans his 25-year career.

One thought on “News Briefs for December 9, 2008

  1. Looks like that old newspaper page is from August 8, 1935.
    Tarzan and the Fire Gods by Rex Maxon ran from February to September in 1935 according to this source:
    Frank Tashlin’s Van Boring started in 1934 and Sidney Smith signed The Gumps until the end of 1935.

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