Details to the Opus ending contest posted

Berkeley Breathed will be giving away $10,000 to a dog or cat shelter of a readers choice in conjunction to the Opus ending contest that was announced last week. The contest asks for readers to send in a one sentence entry guessing where Opus will be in his final paradise. The announcement says that clues have been the latest Opus strips found on

The last frame in today’s Opus reads: “Sunday Nov. 2nd will dawn to a find Opus in a his final paradise. Tell us correctly where it will be and maybe win. Go to for full rules and the one big catch to the prize.” The drawing behind the wording shows Bill the Cat standing on the word $10,000 with money spread about including in Bill’s underwear.

Readers heading to Berkeley’s site are greeted with a large ad for Berkeley’s latest book “Pete and Pickles” and requires readers to scroll down to find the link to the contest rules. Ten second place winners will receive autographed copies of “Opus: 25 years of his Sunday Best.”

The Opus $10,000 Paradise Contest Sponsored by Berkeley Breathed and the Humane Society of the United States.

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  1. Dogs and cats are nice. In some parts of the world they taste great. However, in these troubled times, give the dough to a PERSON.

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