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News Briefs for October 6, 2008

» Stacy Curtis‘ book that he illustrated, “The 7 Habits for Happy Kids” debuted on the New York Times Best Seller List at #4

» The News and Observer has written a Q&A about the most oft asked questions regarding its line-up and comics in general.

» Comic Book Resources continues to look at historical editorial cartooning. Today’s featured cartoonist: Theodore Geisel, better known as Dr. Suess.

» MAD Cartoonist, Tom Richmond has posted photos and a write up regarding his recent trip to Germany to cheer up the troops.

» Joel Pett, editorial cartoonist for the Herald-Leader, will lecture at Eastern Kentucky University on October 16. His talk is entitled: “Stop, You’re Killing Me: Humor as a Weapon against Oppression”

» Mike Rhode has posted photos of his trip down to the Small Press Expo.

» The News Observer reports that after the latest comic poll, Bruce Tinsley’s Mallard Fillmore will continue to run in their paper.

» John Hambrock has posted another in his series of his journey to syndication. This latest one talks about his feature “Bill.”

» Daryl Cagle has published “The Big Book of Campaign 2008 Political Cartoons” – a collection of editorial cartoons covering this year’s presidential election. He told E&P that he was able to include some cartoons about Sarah Palin before it went to press.

Community Comments

#1 Ted Dawson
@ 9:28 pm

Stacy’s illustrations are awesome and really make the book. This is an amazing accomplishment considering it’s only his second year out of editorial cartooning. It’s a beautiful book.

#2 Guy Gilchrist
@ 6:44 am

Stacy is one of the most talented cartoonists around! I’m so happy for him. Much overdue and much deserved success!

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