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Cartoonists covering the RNC part 4

» As reported yesterday, due to his father’s death, Rob Rogers left the convention early.

» Marshall Ramsey live blogged John McCain’s speech. Wasn’t so impressed. Money quote, “OK, had to take a break, the dog just puked on the carpet — although I am 99% certain it isn’t John McCain’s fault. I don’t know Banjo’s politics.”

» KAL explains the different access color cards used for convention guests.

» Walt Handelsman notes the Palin love-fest is greater than that of John McCaina shared sentiment with Michael Ramirez. Walt also jokes about Palin’s hunting skills for donkeys.

» JD Crowe reacts to Palin’s speech on Wednesday.

» Rob Tornoe has posted his last sketch.

Community Comments

#1 Tom Wood
@ 7:16 pm

That’s it?

Nobody has anything to say about the prospect of this nation being a heartbeat away from being run by a hillbilly from Alaska?

This is the “Editorial” section, right? Hellooo? Is this thing on?

#2 Alan Gardner
@ 7:22 pm

Tom, yes it’s on, but perhaps most now understand this is not a political blog. If you want to engage in political debate, please do so on a political blog. We talk about cartooning here.


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