Hagar picked up in Switzerland (again)

Hagar Swiss Promo

It’s not often that I get to report on comic page changes outside of the United States, but Hagar the Horrible was recently picked up by a free daily called “.ch” When the Swiss newspaper “Blick” redesigned the paper, it dropped Hagar for lack of space and .ch picked it up. .ch is a free publication – you can down load a pdf of their newspaper everyday if you’d like to read Hagar in Swiss (see May 7th’s example below.)

Hagar as it appears in Swiss

Also running on their comics page are: Divine Comedy, a feature set in heaven drawn by Damien Glez, a french cartoonist living in Africa, Knallfrosch (I believe this is the translated version of Fred Wagner’s Animal Crackers), Pohls Unarten, a panel by Horst Pohl, and Shit happens (a title so universal they didn’t need to translate it?). I couldn’t find any information on this last feature. There’s a webcomic by the same title, but it was clearly not the same.

4 thoughts on “Hagar picked up in Switzerland (again)

  1. The ISO country code for Switzerland is CH –which comes from the Latin formal name of Switzerland, Confoederatio Helvetica.

  2. Shit happens! is a cartoon series by the german cartoonist Ralph Ruthe. He`s drawing Shit happens! since 5 or 6 years now and it`s is well known in Germany.
    You can find informations about Ralph Ruthe on the german Wikipedia or on his website ruthe.de.

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