Candorville pulled from papers, again

Darrin Bell’s Candorville was pulled from the Washington Post two weeks ago as well as the Detroit Free Press. The week long story-line involved character Lemont Brown interviewing the Secret Service why security for Barack Obama appeared to be lacking. According to one RACs reader who asked the Free Press Special Features and Syndicates Editor why Darrin’s feature was pulled, he received the following response, “Satire is a tough artform. … I think political assassination —in any form—just isn’t explainable to a great many readers as a light matter.”

It should be noted, that this story-line about the Secret Service’s coverage of Obama is not made up or based on a wire-story. Darrin tells me that he called the Secret Service and the Dallas police department personally and interviewed them.

Tuesday’s strip is perhaps a very thinly veiled reference to the papers that didn’t run the story.