Two Boondock episodes yanked from U.S. to run in Canada

Two upcoming episodes of Aaron McGruder’s The Boondocks will not be viewed in the U.S. because the Cartoon network pulled them because “they savage another cable network, BET.”

BET CEO Debra Lee is depicted in Sunday’s episode as Debra Lee-vil, a Dr. Evil clone who kills underlings and rants about creating a network “that would accomplish what hundreds of years of slavery, Jim Crow and malt liquor couldn’t â?? the destruction of black people.”

BET entertainment president Reggie Hudlin â?? once a Boondocks executive producer â?? is depicted as Dr. Lee-vil’s Harvard-educated lieutenant whose idea is to steal five-year-old reality show ideas from MTV.

McGruder pushes parody to the limits in a relentless attack that continues in the next episode, where Uncle Ruckus, a self-hating black man, gets his own offensive BET reality show.

The banned episodes will be broadcast in Canada this Sunday.