News briefs for February 20, 2008

Sean Hoy will be releasing his fifth book, Out of the Cup, a collection of coffee cartoons soon. Sean is an editorial cartoonist, illustrator out of Arizona and produces topical cartoon collections for golfers, dog lovers, cowboy/westerners, and office dwellers. You can check out his stuff at Off Kilter Cartoons

Lio, and Heart of the City creator Mark Tatulli will be the Washington Posts’s featured guest during their live chat Friday February 29 at 1 p.m. EST.

Tundra creator Chad Carpenter was interviewed about his success in taking his self-syndicated feature to a world-wide exposure.

Signe Wilkinson joins Roz Chast, Liza Donnelly and seven others in an exhibit of cartoons entitled “Sex and Sensibility: Ten Women Examine the Lunacy of Modern Love” featured at the Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco. Exhibit consists of 50 original cartoons and runs through June 8.

Johnny Hart’s feature B.C. turned 50 years old this week on Monday.

Lucy Caswell has written a book about Ohio editorial cartoonist Billy Ireland.

2 thoughts on “News briefs for February 20, 2008

  1. I enjoyed the article about Chad Carpenter and Tundra. I found it interesting that the inspiration for drawing an Alaskan-themed comic came to him while in sunny Sarasota. Sometimes you have to get away from home to see what is funny and unique about it. I know that’s true for me. Has anyone else found that to be the case?

  2. Alan…Regarding my online chat with the Washington Post…

    The date you posted is wrong. The correct date is Friday February 29.

    Other than that, you have a pretty perfect site.

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