Christian Science Monitor wants an animator/editorial cartoonist

The Christian Science Monitor is placing a heavy emphasis on hiring an editorial cartoonist with animation experience, according to Dave Astor of E&P. The paper says that animations “keep the attention of younger people, who are more oriented” and that the cartoonist can either create the animation solo or work with more computer savvy people already working for the paper.

No timeline has been set for the final selection. In an earlier report, the editor said that they had narrowed their candidates down to a dozen or so.

2 thoughts on “Christian Science Monitor wants an animator/editorial cartoonist

  1. Sounds like the paper is going after all those nose picking kids who kill time watching sponge bob and Saturday morning cartoons instead of reading the Monitor. When’s George Will going to start doing Zany Animations? I think I might stop reading the paper if he doesn’t !

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