‘Tis the season for book releases

Several comic collections are being released soon. Here’s a run down of what’s coming out:

Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman are releasing a new Zits book entitled “Jeremy and Mom” which contains more than 200 son/mother themed strips from the last 10 years. Book to be released next month.

Jim Davis is releasing the 45th Garfield book. It is entitled “Garfield Large & in Charge.”

Lynn Johnston, creator of For Better or For Worse has a new collection called “Home Sweat Home” that hits book shelves next month.

Be on the look out of a uber Pearls Before Swine collection by Stephan Pastis. The larger collection entitled “The Crass Menagerie” is 264 pages and contains all of the comics from his “Da Brudderhood of Zeeba Zeeba Eata” and “The Sopratos” collections.

2 thoughts on “‘Tis the season for book releases

  1. Hasn’t “Large and In Charge” been the title for EVERY Garfield book? And for that matter, isn’t that the title of every “Cathy” compendium? I’m beginning to think they’re the same person. How else to explain that I’ve never seen them in the same panel?

    But I kid. I must have my OWN aversion to Mondays!!! ;(

  2. Dave Kellett and friends are releasing a new book called “How To Make Webcomics”, you can find it at http://sheldoncomics.com . Dave also has lots of great books based on his strip “Sheldon”. If you haven’t read “Sheldon” yet, browse through the archives, you’re bound to find lots of favorites!

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