Wiley Miller featured on Comics Coast to Coast podcast

The Comics Coast to Coast gang has posted their latest podcast with Non Sequitur creator Wiley Miller.

In part one of this eye-opening conversation, Wiley tells us what is wrong and right with everything cartoony. The artists’ approach, the point of view one should have as a commercial entity, and most interestingly- how to think like an editor.

Wiley has spent many years working at newspapers and he knows how newspapers think and how they approach comic strips. He also tells us how he broke barriers in working for new approaches in coloring the Sunday pages.

8 thoughts on “Wiley Miller featured on Comics Coast to Coast podcast

  1. Cool interview, although it had some annoying sound glitches here and there (don’t know whether those glitches from my computer or not, though).

    Cartoonists take on Sunday coloring is interesting, with Wiley commenting about the boring “paint-by-numbers” style that was used before he convinced American Color to use processed color. Couple weeks ago, when Patrick McDonnell was a guest, he stated that he prefers coloring by hand because the digital coloring seems “cold” to him.

  2. Thanks Charles,
    Yeah, it’s that damn SKYPE network that glitches on us all the time. I’m afraid that’s the only way we can record the show (with our modest means) and sometimes I sound like a Cylon. So be it, just so long as the guest comes through.
    Interesting how we’ve had such different takes on coloring lately on the show. That wasn’t planned, it’s a happy accident. Next week we will conclude this interview. Please tune in.
    Thanks again.


  3. Yes, this is a very illuminating interview! The coloring of Sunday comics has always seemed so shrouded in mystery, I’m really getting into these discussions about why it is the way it is. I’m glad Wiley used his clout as a rabble-rousing cartoonist to help improve the situation for everyone.

    I’m also thinking that there should be some sort of a team-up with Wiley and Stephen King, since they live in the same state.

  4. Thanks, Josh. And while I am pleased that you think I have “clout”, I can assure you that I have none. And I certainly didn’t back in 1995 when Tim Rosenthal and I set out to introduce process color to the Sunday comics. It was Tim who had far more clout to get it through, not me. This is one of those things that you cannot do alone. It can only be accomplished with the aid of someone on the inside, someone who does have some clout, and cares. Tim Rosenthal was such a man, and he is greatly missed by everyone in our profession.

  5. For Wiley Miller:

    I am sure you have already given Sarah Palin some thought as a possible character on your strip. May I be so bold as to suggest a dual holstered, AK 47 totin’, Annie Oakley VP candidate called Divina Crockett. The obvious connection to the fifties TV theme song being reworded and becoming her campaign song brings a smile to my face at least.

    Just a suggestion from a long-time fan who loves your strip. I think your the only one who could carry my suggestion off.

  6. Thanks, Chris, but I don’t have any plans on doing any cartoons about the campaign, as I’m working too far in advance. The campaign grounds are going to be constantly shifting, so a cartoon I’d do today would be old news or completely irrelevant by the time it runs 5 weeks from now.

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