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Scott Adams kills off Asok character

Last November I told you that Scott Adams had revealed during an interview that he was going to kill off one of his characters. Today’s Dilbert contained the announcement that the office intern, Asok, died in a moon shuttle prototype. The story-line began on Monday when Dilbert is asked to build a moon shuttle in a three month time span. Asok was asked to be the test pilot, and “Death” was his co-pilot.

Community Comments

#1 josh s.
@ 9:43 am

Alas, poor Asok! I knew him well.

#2 Louis G. Atsaves
@ 9:51 am

I liked poor Asok as a character in the strip. But in the corporate world, the bottom of the food chain goes first. And little Asok was on the bottom.

#3 Amir
@ 10:46 am

How doust the might have fallen!
He was a caring and loving soul.
His naive and perpetual optimism will be missed by all who knew him.
Alas, poor Asok, you have tought us well – how to believe, how be hopeful even at times of unbelievable stupidity, how to strive to change the system from within, even when the system is trying to chew you up.
You will forever be a loving memory in our mind.
Rest in peace, Asok

#4 Rich Diesslin
@ 1:16 pm

He apparently killed him off, but he can just as easily have escaped death – it wouldn’t be hard to bring him “back.” However kudos for killing him quickly and mercifully. I appreciate that he didn’t die for months trying to teach us about some tragic disease. I’m also glad (so far) that all the characters didn’t jump 10 years in age and lost all humor in the process.

#5 Larry Levine
@ 1:27 pm

Meanwhile Walt Wallet keeps on going & going & going..

#6 Chris H.
@ 2:12 pm

In the same strip, he also announces his plan to bring Asok back, so I doubt that the death will be permanent. But hey, if you want to put this down as one of the few deaths of a main character in the annals of comic strip history, be my guest.

#7 Josh McDonald
@ 2:32 pm

“Iâ??m also glad (so far) that all the characters didnâ??t jump 10 years in age and lost all humor in the process.”

But then again, Dilbert is one of those strips where nobody ever grows any older, nothing ever changes, and the status quo is rigorously maintained. So maybe they DID jump ahead ten years, to a time when everything is exactly the way it was ten years before…?

#8 Marshall Ramsey
@ 4:06 pm

Poor Asok is like the nameless Star Trek actor who always got zapped when the crew beamed to a strange planet.

#9 Rich Diesslin
@ 5:24 pm

Josh, good point! ;) Marshall, that is soooo true. Just like it’s never good to be the best friend of the hero in a kung fu movie.

#10 Larry Levine
@ 6:54 pm

As Asok met his interstellar fate I believe he nobly said “The needs of the many out weight the needs of the few..”–ummm, unless I’m confusing him with Mr. Spock.

#11 Jeff Vella
@ 8:39 pm

I can think of two ways the story might go from here…

1. The company uses Asok’s DNA to clone an entire crew of “Asoks”, and each Asok will wear a nubered shirt at work, so the reader can tell the difference from Asok #2 to Asok #57 and so on….

2. The plot could resemble South Park (Like when Kenny gets killed each week). Asok can get killed off once a week, and then the company can just clone another Asok, at will.

Of course that’s just my opinion, I could be wrong.

#12 Josh McDonald
@ 9:19 pm

I’m thinking something between the two, and probably closer to the “Star Trek” model. A new Asok intern is cloned whenever they need one; he can keep dying and returning ad infinitum.

#13 R Pyle
@ 6:36 am

The cloning has already begun, though not without its own set of problems.

#14 daniel raymond
@ 6:14 am

HAHAHAHAHA….i just read yesterday’s strip. can’t wait until monday!

#15 Chris Hardiman
@ 3:25 pm

Wow, that was fast. For those of you who haven’t read today’s “Dilbert” yet, the storyline of Asok’s death is already virtually over. He reincarnated himself into his Snickers-influenced clone, then used advanced Indian shape-shifting techniques to separate himself from the candy bar. Back to normal, everyone. It’s been fun.

#16 Larry Levine
@ 4:25 pm

Now I’ve seen everything! What’s next–Walt Wallet living forever?

#17 Dawn Douglass
@ 4:45 pm

I seem to recall that we all predicted that whatever character he killed off would come right back.

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