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Tom Richmond to teach caricature, inking

Tom Richmond will be at a “mini-con” sponsored by the St. Louis chapter of the National Caricaturist Network on March 2-5, 2008. He’ll be the main speaker and will also be leading an inking workshop.

The inking workshop, however, is a little different. While inking is mostly about cartooning and not about caricature, I thought it was something people might be interested in learning about as there is not a lot of opportunity to learn hands on about traditional pen and brush inking techniques. The workshop will consist of drawing and inking a caricature illustration of the same subject. We will talk about the approach to a pencil drawing that is going to be inked, techniques in both brush and dip pen, tips, tricks and other useful info on the way to producing an inked caricature illustration. There is an option to purchase all the materials so they will be waiting for you, or you can bring your own stuff.

Community Comments

#1 richard tilsed
@ 12:22 pm

im a keen artist i like doing cartoons and caricatures of friends and family, i idolise tom richmond he is unbelieveable what a talent that guy has got. i would like to think i would be in his shoes one day in the future.

#2 richard tilsed
@ 12:23 pm

thanks tom

#3 richard tilsed
@ 12:25 pm

hey tom im from poole dorset england can i have a go at inking with you at your open day in 2008 please, richard tilsed

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