Berkeley Breathed’s web site harmful to your computer

While Googling this morning for the correct spelling of Berkeley Breathed, I searched on the query “Berkeley Breathed” and clicked on his link to his site in the search results and received a warning that Google has blacklisted the site warning me that, “visiting this web site may harm your computer!”

Google labeled Opus site as malware

Last year Google began using data from Stop Badware Coalition to warn users of sites that have been identified as risky or that are suspected of being used to download malware to the visitors computer.

The only thing I can think of is that Berkeley’s site has been accidently flagged, someone really doesn’t like Opus, or Berkeley’s site has been hacked and it really is doing something malicious.

From the Google/StopBadware site regarding Berkeley’s inclusion:

You landed on this page because Google’s independent testing has found that some portion of the site you were attempting to reach contains or links to badware or otherwise violates software guidelines of both Google and StopBadware. See the StopBadware FAQ for more information on Google warning pages. StopBadware’s researchers have not reviewed this website. If they do, this warning page will be replaced with a detailed report. To see the reports we’ve done to date, click here.

Berkeley can request StopBadware to review his site and get it off the blacklist.

6 thoughts on “Berkeley Breathed’s web site harmful to your computer

  1. Not sure how you Abbey and Garey missed it – it says right in the google search: “The Official Berkeley Breathed Website
    This site may harm your computer.”
    Google definitely warn you before you can even click on it.

  2. Coincidentally, I was also Googling his site last night and got the same message. (I included a tiny Opus homage in my latest cartoon, and thought I’d see what he was up to these days.)

  3. With the latest strips from Mr. Breathed, it is not outside the realm of the mysterious to think that powerful forces at hand might have been involved. Isn’t it strange that when he starts being political again, that his website is flagged??? If you google “intel privacy” then you can also see that things, they are a changin’.

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