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Roy Doty Celebrates 85 Birthday

The NCS Great Lakes Chapter threw Roy Doty a surprise birthday party this last weekend. Craig Boldman has posted photos. I met Roy this last spring while visiting Ohio and enjoyed his company very much. At 85 years, you’d think he would be slowing down, but that night I met him he reported that he had picked up 5 new clients that day. He obviously loves what he does and should be an inspiration to all – if you find what you love, why would you ever quit?

Happy Birthday Roy!

Community Comments

#1 Mike Lester
@ 12:51 pm

Having met Roy, I know him to be a truly engaging and delightful and talented man. All while staring down my wife’s blouse.
“May he live to be 100 with an extra year to repent” -Irish toast

#2 Rick Stromoski
@ 7:21 am

That’s a common occurance at the Reubens since Mike’s been winning a plaque almost every year. In Roy’s case he needed a step stool.

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