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Arctic Circle Launched

The new King Features comic strip Arctic Circle, by Alex Hallatt launched yesterday. If it’s not running in your local paper, you can see samples over on KFS’ web site or through their Daily Ink subscription service. I’ve read through the press kit that contained samples of the first month of strips and highly enjoyed it.

Thanks Norm Feuti for the reminder!

Community Comments

#1 Mike Witmer
@ 11:43 am

RIGHT ON! Way to go, Alex. Well deserved

Mike Witmer

#2 Alex Hallatt
@ 4:14 pm

Thank you, Alan, Norm and Mike

Working on this strip from when I was signed in November last year has been a fantastic experience and the syndicate (Jay Kennedy, Brendan Burford, Karen Moy, John Perry, Ian Dale, Rose McAllister, Richard Heimlich, Dick Lafave and all the other hard-working sales guys, especially) could not have been more supportive.

It also never ceases to amaze me how generous fellow cartoonists are with their ego-rebuilding praise and help, considering that we are in competition with each other. It would be a long list if I mentioned them all, but I enjoy the regular displacement activity of corresponding with Jonathan Mahood (Bleeker on GoComics), Richard Thompson (whose Cul de Sac launches nationally in a couple of weeks) and many of the King Features cartoonists (Piers Baker will soon be a household name, I’m sure of it).

It is a huge transition to go from the cosseted world of relative obscurity in development to letting my cartoon creation out in the internet wild, exposed to the slings and arrows of online comment. My aim is that Arctic Circle will continue to get better and better as I work on my cartoon craft.



#3 Allan Holtz
@ 2:49 pm

Is this an internet-only launch or will the new strip be in papers? The creator’s comment would seem to indicate possibly ‘net only. (this is a point I’d love to see addressed on all new launches).

Allan Holtz
Stripper’s Guide

#4 Charles Brubaker
@ 6:27 pm

This is a newspaper strip.

I believe one of the papers running this strip is the Houston Chronicle.

#5 Norm Feuti
@ 7:14 pm

According to the King Feature’s press release:

“Arctic Circle can be read online and in newspapers, including the Houston Chronicle, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Rocky Mountain News, The Portland Oregonian, The Daily Herald in Provo, Utah and the Southland Times in Invercargill, New Zealand, starting on Aug. 27, 2007”

#6 Allan Holtz
@ 12:38 pm

Thanks Charles and Norm!

#7 Allan Holtz
@ 12:42 pm

… now if anyone could figure out on these new launches what feature on the syndicate’s roster is getting the boot to make room, it would be nirvana.

Yes, I realize that a new strip doesn’t always push out an old one, but it’s pretty common.

#8 Chris
@ 1:16 pm

Well, King Features just ended “Triple Take” by Todd Clark and Scott Nickel, and then started this one…which I am really enjoying, by the way. I hope this one picks up some more papers. It’s a very clever, unique idea, Alex…keep up the good work.

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