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44 Union Avenue to come to end

Mike Witmer, creator of 44 Union Avenue, writes in to say that he has decided to pull the plug on the feature that he’s worked on for over 3 years. Mike cites lack of syndicate interest as the primary reason to move on. And speaking of moving on, he’s created a new feature called Pinkerton that can be seen at a news website.

Community Comments

#1 jim tierney
@ 11:13 am

I’ve talked to mike about it, and I know what a tough decision it was for him (it’s got to be tough to let go of something that you’ve worked as hard on as he has with 44UA). That being said, I’m very excited to see where he goes with his new strip. (I did have the privileged to get a sneak peak at it near it’s inception, so I can say I’m one of the first Pinkerton fans.

Of course, I’m also totally biased, so everyone should feel free to not take my word for it and check it out themselves.

#2 Scott
@ 2:05 pm

As much as I like 44 Union Avenue, I like Pinkerton even more. I was also lucky to be able see the first Pinkerton strips and right off the bat it was good.

Talking animals with attitude set in a national park…it’s funny stuff. Check it out.

#3 MJ
@ 2:16 pm

Yeah sad, Mike sent me the news last week. I read everyones work above regularly. Keep up the cool strips. I hope that Pinkerton catches on, Mike even let me use his new characters to cameo in my strip which is due to run in September.

#4 Jarrett Osborne
@ 9:14 pm

I’m also a fan from the start, before most of the world got to see Pinkerton. My opinion is it is a step above 44UA, but thank god for Jack, Jasper and the gang because they got him to this level of cartooning. Mike even sold me Jack via paypal so Mandy will have a dog just as soon as I can learn to copy it.

#5 MJ
@ 12:25 am

Hey Jarrett, I think you should run with the Tinkler idea. Wit’s my new cartooning hero, I could use some of his funny. Think he’ll sell some to me through paypal. Here’s yo hoping.

#6 josh
@ 9:59 am

“Talking animals with attitude set in a national parkâ?¦itâ??s funny stuff. Check it out.”

That’s cool. It sounds like he’s doing the Northern version of my strip.

#7 Lucas Turnbloom
@ 10:58 am

I really hate to see 44UA end — It’s a great strip.
But Pinkerton is fantastic. Everyone should head over to the web site, and sign up! If you don’t, the terrorists win.

@ 12:02 pm

Great advice and tips, Thank you a lot!

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