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5 papers making funny page changes this week (UPDATED)

With Kudzu ending at the end of this month, papers are focusing on the funnies. Here’s a round up of who’s in and out this week.

The Daily Herald (Everett WA) has replaced One Big Happy with Secret Asian Man and despite protests will stick with Tak Toyoshima’s feature because:

A new comic needs time to prove itself, and that time is measured in months, not days or weeks. It would be unfair to cancel a new comic so soon after introducing it to readers, so bringing back One Big Happy would mean dropping something else, and touching off another round of dissatisfaction.

Other changes in the Daily Herald include the addition of Condorito – a favorite Spanish language strip of Latin America and the addition of A Doctor, A Lawyer & A Cop on the Sunday comics (replacing B.C.).

Over at the Olympian (WA), we have Jim Meddick’s, Monty running as a temporary replacement for the daily strip, Fox Trot, that retired 8 months ago. Previous features included Luann, Mutts, Pearls Before Swine, Diesel Sweeties, 9 Chickweed Lane, Over the Hedge and Frazz.

The paper also reports that it might replace B.C. or Wizard of Id as well.

Over in Mississippi, The Hattiesburg American will be sampling four new features to replace Doug Marlette’s Kudzu. Candidates include: Lio, Little Dog Lost, Watch Your Head and Pearls Before Swine. It appears that they will run all four at the same time and to do so, they’re pulling Andy Capp, B.C. and Wizard of Id.

The Citizen Voice will is dropping Edge City (no reason cited) in favor of Pearls Before Swine.

The Tulsa World is reporting changes to their puzzle and funnies pages with the loss of Kudzu. No replacement strip was mentioned.

UPDATE: I received an email from a reader who pointed me to a story in the Post-Courier that announced that B.C. has won a comic poll with 65% of the vote. The other feature in the running was the late Jeff MacNelly’s Shoe. B.C. will replace F-minus on the comic page.

Community Comments

#1 josh
@ 10:01 am

Try saying that title ten times fast.

#2 Alex Hallatt
@ 3:26 pm

Good for the Daily Herald, giving a comic time to prove itself in an era that usually demands instant gratification.

#3 Louis
@ 6:28 am

Yeah, it’s great to see the Daily Herald giving a new comic a chance and not completely caving to reader pressure. I hope more papers follow suit.

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