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Cartoonists in the news: Robb Armstrong

Robb Armstrong, creator of Jump Start, recently spoke to La Follette High School in Madison WI. Robb, who speaks to over 5,000 students a year, came to speak to speak about overcoming challenges and starting your life track early.

Community Comments

#1 Earl Shoop
@ 10:50 pm

I used to enjoy “Jump Start,” but have not seen it, lately. The one from 1-28-94 features one cop writing up his partner. I saved it, and am wondering how I might get permission to use it on my site/blog. It would go well with a post encouraging police to set a good example.

TIA, if anyone can help.

Be safe, + remember, if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem. Set a safe example in traffic.

#2 Earl Shoop
@ 10:54 pm

oopsy… my url got dropped. it is…


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