Helen Thomas Not Amused With Doonesbury Strip

Despite high praise for cartoonists at this year’s AAEC convention, Helen Thomas – the 87 year old White House Correspondent for UPI wasn’t that impressed with Garry Trudeau’s Doonesbury last week (see toon) that joked that she had been a correspondent at the White House since the Truman administration and that some say she was Truman’s lover. Thomas started working the White House beat in 61, during the Kennedy administration.

According to The Hill, her quoted reaction was:

“I wish he’d said I was Jack Kennedy’s lover.”

Hat tip: Journalista’s Dirk Deppey

One thought on “Helen Thomas Not Amused With Doonesbury Strip

  1. I also thought Doonesbury was offbase ! Truman?-I saw a Lincoln Gettysburg photo with Helen Thomas in the front row.

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