Luann next Fox Trot replacement candidate in The Olympian

In what may set the record for a decision ever to remain unmade, The Olympian is now running Greg Evan’s Luann in trial mode as they seek to find a “suitable” replacement for Bill Amend’s Fox Trot which retired back in January. Other strips that have been evaluated: Frazz, Mutts, Pearls Before Swine, 9 Chickweed Lane, Over the Hedge and Diesel Sweeties.

The paper mentions that it will “try out a few more strips before making a choice.”

I’m now commissioning a poll: The reader who guesses the closest date to which The Olympian selects their final “replacement” (with out going over the date) will win get a big shout out when the results are made public. Enter your guesses in the comment section. Any guesses after the 30th of July are not counted. Employees of the Olympian are excluded.

5 thoughts on “Luann next Fox Trot replacement candidate in The Olympian

  1. Just wanted a bit of clarification, is it guesses made after july 30th that won’t be counted?

    At any rate, my money is on September 25th.

    Also, do we get anything extra if we guess the replacement strip they choose?

    If so, I say they’ll go with “Luann.”

  2. For clarification. I’m supposing “Luann” will run at least until the end of the month, so any guesses have to be made before then. Since the grand prize is a shout out when I post the news regarding the final selection – I can certainly add whether the guesser also guessed the strip.

    Best of luck. My official guess will be September 31th.

  3. Why not run them all? They are all top cartoons with the exception of Diesel Sweeties, which is fairly new to the syndicate and needs to establish readership. A whole page of funnies is just what the Doctor ordered.

    My guess however, would be Luann taking permanent residence on 19th August.

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