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Calvin and Hobbes becomes animated on YouTube

From YouTube.

I’m actually surprised at how well the animators tried to keep the original drawing style of Bill Watterson. The next thing I thought was, I’m really glad Bill never sold out and licensed C&H for animation. Watching the short did take away something from strip. Because the strip had no voices attached to it, I made those up as I went along and I’m sure my inner Calvin and Hobbes voice is different than yours. I think there’s also magic in strips where between panels there exists assumed action/dialog where this animation spells everything out for you.

Hat tip to E&P

Community Comments

#1 Danny Burleson
@ 11:03 am

Wow. One part cool one part creepy. Hobbes looked great! Definitely glad C&H was never animated “for real”, this vid is probably not too far off from what would have happened.

#2 Rich
@ 12:41 pm

I kind of liked it, although it seemed like they were speaking in a foreign language or something
[ ;-{)}

Can you say lawsuit boys and girls?

#3 Chris
@ 5:11 pm

I hated it, to be perfectly frank.
The strip is my absolute favorite, but I never imagined Calvin with a little kid voice like he has here. I always thought of him having an adult voice, kind of overly dramatic too.

This kind of takes away from that. And while agree that this is something what Calvin and Hobbes would look like animated, I think that the animation detracts from the art.

#4 Charles Brubaker
@ 9:22 pm

Welp, it looks like the video was taken down. Good thing I saw it before it happened.

#5 Garey Mckee
@ 10:25 pm

Could have been worse, it could have been Calvin taking a piss.

#6 Dan Olson
@ 2:51 pm

It was still at up at this site as of 4:50 PM EST 2007/05/19.

#7 JeffM
@ 9:51 pm

I think they used original art and did some inbetweening. It was too close the original.

Yes, I am glad Watterson never let this happen. Calvin and Hobbes only exist in my imagination.

#8 blk
@ 9:56 am

too bad its now removed i would have liked to see it. all the better though.

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