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Get a free copy of Hogan’s Alley magazine on Free Comic Book Day

Tom Heintjes, Publisher of Hogan’s Alley, writes in to remind Daily Cartoonists that they can get a free copy of Hogan’s Alley on Free Comic Book Day (that’s May 5 A.K.A. “this Saturday”). Simply email him on that day – and that day only – at this email address along with a mailing address.

Don’t forget to check out your nearest comic book store for other free comic shwag (and I use that word in the context of free stuff and not low quality cannibus). One of the free comics being given out is the Unseen Peanuts that includes over 100 unprinted strips not found in the Complete Peanuts collection (does that mean the Complete Peanuts isn’t really complete?).

Community Comments

#1 Tom Provitz
@ 6:09 pm

I have written to your chair board twice before and had never received any responce. The Cartoon museu when located in Connecticut was the best. It catered to all levels of families and featured a picnic area and sometimes visits from various cartoonists. The atmosphere was inviting and many college students donated their valuable time helping build exhibits and doing research projects. When you entered there was a carpet containing numerous cartoon characters and a viewing room playing many of the old cartoons which was so enjoyable to our and many other famlies. When we were in Fla a few years ago the museum was closing but it was not like the time in Conn. I understand moves must be made but I wish it was back to Conn like it was before.

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