New editorial cartoonist contributor to Anderson Independent Mail

The Independent Mail in Anderson SC has added an editorial cartoonist to their opinion page. Al Stine is a local painter who also does cartoons for Playboy.

Al Stine is well-known for his exquisite paintings. As the result of a recent newspaper story, you may also be aware of his background as a cartoonist for Playboy and several major ad campaigns. When he was a student at the Chicago Institute of Art, his original aim was to take aim at political issues as an editorial cartoonist. Today he comes full circle.

Mr. Stineâ??s contributions will apply to local issues and as with all our cartoonists, he will have his own opinions. Sometimes that opinion will agree with ours, sometimes it will not. We donâ??t agree with every cartoon or column we run, just as we donâ??t always agree with a letter or a Straight Talk comment. Our agreement isnâ??t a prerequisite for publication. Our opinions are in this position and here they will remain.

The paper does not mention how often Al will contribute to the paper.