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J.C. Duffy talks about Fusco Brothers

Over at the Universal Press web site is a news release with J.C. Duffy talking about his feature, Fusco Brothers which has been in syndication since 1989 and appears in 100+ papers.

As far as the “Fusco Brothers” changing over the past years, they really haven’t much, Duffy confesses. The looks of the “Fusco Brothers” may have changed a bit, but their personalities have stayed the same. “Visually, their features have gotten a bit softer, more rounded. I guess my hand just got tired of drawing these incredibly long, sharp noses and just cut back on the length. Plus, they all looked like rats,” Duffy says. “Personality-wise, I think they’re the same old guys,” he adds.

Community Comments

@ 2:59 am

i luv the fusco bros

#2 Ed Duffy
@ 11:37 am

Really? I think they’re woeful. Limp punnish commentary, coupled with extremely poor drawing. I’m amazed that papers still carry it.

#3 Ed Duffy
@ 3:21 pm

#4 Jack 1923
@ 5:42 am

Hey, face it: The Fuscos is Us

They’re smooth sophisticates, unappreciated by the broads. It’s just a question of which one of the dumb bimbos is going to marry us and settle down to a Budweiser life.

Yours in Sports, Jacko

#5 Ed Duffy
@ 7:46 am

#6 Stanley Zarakov
@ 9:48 am

Tell Duffy that I enjoy his cartoon more than any other cartoon. Why-? Who cares!-
What I realize is that is that I’m laughing at myself. At 80 years old- I don’t miss a single issue. Why do you hav e a talking wolverine at all- Stupid but funny .
Stanley Z

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