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Guy Gilchrist to take on apprentices in his studio

Guy Gilchrist, co-creator of Nancy, writes a periodic article called “Drawn To Success” in which he talks and inspires the next generation of cartoonists on how to better their craft and achieve their goals. In his latest column, he introduces an apprentice program to allow six students to be mentored by him for a one, two or three month terms. In an email he sent to me he mentioned that CitiGroup has recognized the program allowing outside funding (school loans) to be used for this program.

As if that wasn’t ambitious enough, he hopes to turn these Drawn To Success articles into a book.

Community Comments

#1 Guy Gilchrist
@ 7:24 am

Alan, Thank you for helping to spread the word about this experimental program. When you get to the Drawn To Success page being linked, the user must click on Chapter 20 to access the column referred to here. I’ll stay in touch with you, Alan, and let you know what progress is being made.

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