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Girls and Sports adds puppies and babies to perform better in polls

If you’ve been reading Girls and Sports lately, you’ve noticed that Andrew Feinstein and Justin Borus have added a baby and a puppy to their feature to poke fun at comic polls that seem to indicate that features with these characters tend to perform well.

Community Comments

#1 brian
@ 9:12 am

Yup, the secrets out of the bag. That’s all it takes! Darn now I have to figure out another gimmick and start a new strip.

Maybe an armadillo and a tree sloth. I think that’ll be the next big trend.

#2 Ed
@ 10:38 pm

I’m hoping it’ll be a platypus:


#3 Louis Gale
@ 12:42 pm

I find that the comic My Cage is the most delightful manga strip I have ever seen.My Cage ROCKS!!!!!!!!

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