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Mallard Filmore endorses Walter Williams, Williams declines

If you’ve been reading Mallard Filmore of late, you’ve noticed a running series that Bruce Tinsley has been using his strip to garner support to urge Walter Williams to run for U.S. President. The economics professor has stated that he’s received hundreds of emails as a result of Bruce’s campaign. The Washington Times pickups up on the story and talks to both Bruce and Mr. Williams.

“I’ve been inundated,” the 70-year-old Mr. Williams said of responses to cartoonist Bruce Tinsley’s strip, which has prominently featured Mr. Williams’ e-mail address. “I’ve only gotten one or two ugly [e-mails], and I’ve gotten hundreds” of positive messages.

Bruce’s motivation seems to be that he’s leary of the current crop of republican candidates and wants a true conservative to run and Williams was a top pick.

Despite being endorsed by a cartoon duck, Williams says he’s flattered.

Editor’s note: I removed Williams’ email address from the quote above to prevent it from being picked up by spam-bots. Those wishing to contact Williams can do so through his web site.

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#1 Sarah Gillespie
@ 12:04 pm

Don’t forget that Mr. Williams declined because he supports presidential candidate Rep (R-TX) Ron Paul in 2008!

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